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Skills Consultants take seriously each individual's development and experience; respecting the individuality of all learners and creating an inclusive learning environment.

Please find below links to our policies and procedures:

ICO Number: ZA925351

Skills Consultants is fully GDPR compliant, GDPR Software compliant and is accredited ISO 27001

Safeguarding and Prevent

If you have any safeguarding or Prevent queries please contact Emma Garrick, Designated Safeguarding Lead and Prevent Officer at:


Careers Information Advice and Guidance

We aim to ensure that all our apprentices receive the information, advice and guidance required to make informed decisions that will best help you achieve their goals in the future. To support our apprenticeships, we have embedded the Gatsby Secondary Benchmarks within our thinking and Careers Planning.  There will be opportunities to explore progression and opportunities within workshops and as part of our CPD programmes.

1:1 guidance reviews will be organised for all apprentices across the duration of the programme, and when requested by our apprentices.


Services include: 


  • Information on apprenticeship courses

  • Guidance to aid transition into employment, further training or higher education

  • Guidance on changing courses or careers

  • Career planning

  • Showcasing skills and experience in CVs, applications and digital platforms

  • Preparation for interviews and assessments


The Careers Leader for Skills Consultants is: Emma Garrick


Privacy Notice – why we collect information about you and how we will use it.


At Skills Consultants we are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy.  We collect basic contact and identification information, to enable us to fulfil our responsibility as a training provider. Personal information will be kept securely, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation, and will only be shared where this is a requirement of discharging our agreement with the learner, for example providing information to a certification body. We will not share any personal information for marketing purposes without the express consent of the individual (data subject). For more information please read our GDPR policy.

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Last updated August 2021

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